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  • My sister and I are thinking about an impromptu visit in end of April. I cant imagine going without my 3 kids. Can you give me any ideas for something special for the 2 of us to do? I am Disney crazy, so I cant pass up the chance!!
  • - Asked by Ingrid from Maryland on 3/29/2012
  • What a great opportunity for you both!

    Disney is such a different place when parents are there without their little ones. Just the prospect of an hour of window-shopping, amongst the CRYSTAL, is enough to send shivers up my spine...

    Consider staying at a resort which puts you closest to your favorite park. They are all kid-friendly, but many have hidden gems that are perennial favorites of adults.

    Consider fine dining at a restaurant which might be out of your comfort zone with a larger party; with only the two of you, it's much more manageable.  My family has never experienced The Hollywood Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios, but I make it a point to dine there with other chaperones while on our Senior Class Trip.  The Cobb Salad is unlike anything I've had anywhere else and Raul makes a gorgeous Arnold Palmer!

    Furthermore, the kids love so much about the countries, but it is so different to really linger at each country's shops, indulge in the food and beverages, and chat with really sweet Cast Members who call that native land home.

    Another consideration is spa time! Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa is a full-service spa which offers many relaxing treatments...and you have no one to worry about but yourselves on this trip!  Massage or facial, maybe?

    Of course, if there's a "chic flick" (or other film the whole gang doesn't want to see) consider catching a movie at Downtown Disney's Fork & Screen, where a great full-service menu awaits, along with adult beverages.

    No matter what, you're both sure to have a blast with just the two of you at Walt Disney World! Enjoy!

  • So Andrea took two of the best ideas, fine dining and spa treatments!

    What else might you do? Think of some of the crazy non-park stuff that you would otherwise skip past if your kids were here! There are so many options, and I am sure that many of the other panelists will mention some of them. One that comes to mind is to try out some of the high-octane fun at the Walt Disney World Speedway. There are several exciting options you can try out.

    Richard Petty Driving Experience - Let your NASCAR spirit fly by getting behind the wheel of one of these cars and get going up to 140 mph!

    Exotic Driving Experience - Is a Ferrari more your style? That's on the menu as well! (So are Lamborghini and Porches too!)

    There is also an Indy car experience. In all three options you can either be the driver, or the passenger.

    Have a magical (and fast-paced) vacation!

  • Hey there!  My husband and I actually took our first trip last October without our boys.  I felt a "little" guilty, but quickly recovered!  Here are the two things we did that we had always wanted to try, but never could with the kids along:

    1.  We did the Disney's Keys to the Kingdom Tour.  It was a walking tour through Magic Kingdom with several "backstage" views.  You have to be 16 years old to participate.  It was extremely informative and we learned so much, even though we go there multiple times a year.  It is amazing to see all of the extra magical "details" that you can often overlook when you are rushing from Space Mountain to Splash Mountain with two excited little boys!  The link I provided will actually take you to the listing of all the tours.  There are so many to choose from!  You and your sister would have a great time!

    2.  The second thing we did was to spend an evening at Jellyrolls on Disney's Boardwalk area.  It is a dueling piano bar.  The entertainers were very talented, and we even got to request some of our favorite tunes from the 80's!  We had a great time listening to music and even getting up to dance a little! 

    I am sure you will learn, through the Mom's View answers, that Disney World is really for everybody!  There is something there for kids of all ages!  Even when you have kids (and grandkids) of your own!  Have a great trip!

  • I definitely agree with all of the suggestions given so far, especially the ones about dining.  Take the opportunity to dine at one of the Disney Signature restaurants and enjoy a slow leisurely meal; I know that is hard to do with children sometimes.  I highly recommend a meal at the California Grill on top of the Contemporary Resort.  Try to get a reservation for 60 to 90 minutes before the Wishes fireworks show in the Magic Kingdom for a magical dining experience.  However, if you can only get a reservation for something a lot earlier, don't worry; you can eat dinner early, go explore the Contemporary Resort, and then return to watch the fireworks off of a private balcony by just showing your receipt.   Watching the fireworks from the California Grill is a unique opportunity.

    I also wanted to add some more ideas about backstage tours.  My two favorite tours are the Keys to the Kingdom tour already mentioned and the Backstage Magic tour.  Backstage Magic is about a 7 hour long tour that takes you to "off limits" areas in the theme parks.  You'll get to see a little bit about how Disney makes the magic happen.  It's a relatively expensive tour, but I think it is worth every penny, especially for somebody who is "Disney crazy".  It is something that you can't do with children under 16 years of age, so this might be the perfect opportunity. 

    Another great tour is the Wild Africa Trek.  This tour takes place at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  You'll get to walk over rope bridges, get up close and personal with crocodiles and hippos, go on a private safari on the savanna, and try some tasty treats.  It is a fabulous experience and might be the perfect active experience for you and your sister.

  • Hi Ingrid!

    A trip to Walt Disney World without kids is one of those indulgent experiences I have yet to experience myself.

    For me, it's all about the fireworks. What better way to end ANY Disney Day than with a spectacular fireworks display like Wishes. You don't have to view them with the masses on Main Street U.S.A. though. Consider one of these indulgent & relaxing ways to enjoy Wishes at the end of your day:

    The Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party - Indulge in reserved seating & comfort while you take in Wishes from your table enjoying desserts, coffee, tea and cold beverages. Photo opportunities galore await you here. Reserve online on or by calling(407) WDW-DINE

    Reserve a super-indulgent, private Fireworks Cruise from which to enjoy Wishes, while you drift in the Seven Seas Lagoon! Enjoy light snacks and soft drinks on board your private vessel complete with Captain. View the Electric Water Pageant and learn trivia and interesting Disney facts from your knowledgeable Cast Member at the helm. You can even add extra food and beverages through Private Dining to make your cruise just what you want it to be! Call (407) WDW-PLAY for reservations.

    Simplicity is sometimes best at the end of a long day! Pop over to the Polynesian Resort and grab yourself a Kappuccino from Kona Island Coffee and head down to the beach. Find a spot in the sand, or relax in a lounge chair or hammock while you enjoy Wishes as well as the Electrical Water Pageant.

    I hope these ideas help you plan some wonderfully different ways to end your Magical days during your impromptu visit with your sister Ingrid!

    Wishing you a simply Magical time!


  • I just love my fellow Mom Panelist's answers!  I would like to add something that you many not have considered and can be fun, fun, fun - Disney Golf!

    My husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Walt Disney World Resort without our children and we enjoyed many wonderful dining experiences and activities. But, hands down, the first thing that we recall when asked about that vacation is Disney Golf.

    Both of us being beginner golfers, we decided to make a Tee Time reservation online for Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course, the 9-hole course. We allowed a few parties to play through, because we took our time and enjoyed ourselves. We even wished we had time to visit the Practice Facility prior to beginning the Course. We have great photos and memories of a great time!

    Well, I just wanted to add my "2 cents" and hopefully they will add a great "Change" in your plans and include a morning of Disney Golf! LOL! 

  • Hi there Ingrid!

    Do not pass up this opportunity to spend wonderful, quality time with your sister!! If there's anyone who deserves a break away from home, it's definitely a mother of three! I have no doubt that you're almost continually focused on everyone's needs, except perhaps your own. (And just where did that sock match disappear to, by the way?)

    I'm going to suggest something a little more Goofy (pun intended) for your special sisters-only time that my adult niece and I experienced together last summer when it was just the two of us....The Pirate and Pals Fireworks Voyage! Yes, one could say this is for children and that it's all about the silly jokes told by your pirate comedian/ host Patch. Perhaps the Disney character interaction might be more sought after by those not yet old enough to hold a driver's license. But, if there is ONE place in the World (yes, another pun) where you and your sister can relive those magical childhood years, reminisce about who really put that bubble gum in the dryer when Mom wasn't looking, and just giggle the day away--It's Walt Disney World! So, sail the high seas, eats lots of free pirate loot until your tummies hurt, and snuggle together on the boat as you watch fireworks explode over Cinderella Castle. In short, become a kid again! I guarantee this event will be one of the highlights of your vacation!


  • You've already gotten lots of great ideas from my fellow panelists.

    If you're an adventurous type, you may want to check out the many water sports options available at the Sammy Duvall Center at the Contemporary Resort. My husband and I went waterskiing on Bay Lake together during a recent couples trip to Walt Disney World. So. Much. Fun.

    The Sammy Duvall Center also rents SeaRaycer mouse boats that allow you to go almost up to the gates of the Magic Kingdom, on the water. It's a great way to get a different perspective on the park.

    My absolute favorite experience with Disney water sports is parasailing. I thought that I was going to be terrified up in the air, but it is an incredibly gentle and quiet experience. You get to soar over Bay Lake and see all four Disney Parks with a bird's eye view. Absolutely incredible!

    Both the SeaRaycers and parasailing are wonderful ways for a Disney veteran to see the World in a whole new light.

    You can find out more details or make reservations for any of these options by calling (407) 939-0754.


  • You've been given some GREAT suggestions by my fellow panelists.  You definitely deserve to spend a sisters only weekend at Walt Disney World!

    Something I've always wanted to do is Dine with an Imagineer!  This experience is available at either the Brown Derby or Flying Fish Cafe.  I love both of these restaurants, and the idea of a 4 course meal while having a discussion with someone whose job is to create the magic of Disney sounds perfect!

  • Hi there, Ingrid!

    These men and women have provided you with so many excellent ideas! Fortunately, Walt Disney World is big enough that the hits just keep on coming :)

    How about trying some dining experiences that typically would be .... challenging with children? Disney offers a wealth of dining options to cater to grownups -- and/or to tempt the daring palate.

    Of course there is the adults-only culinary fantasy that is Victoria & Albert's in Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Holy cow. It's an all-around amazing experience, from the lush surroundings to the impeccable service to the food ... it can be a once-in-a-lifetime treat, the memory of which will last forever. Reservations can be made at (407) WDW-DVNA.

    Two incredible steakhouses beckon: Le Cellier in the Canada pavilion at Epcot and Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney's Yacht Club. For a more traditional take on steak, you can choose to dine in the warm atmosphere that either of these places will provide.

    Consider Kouzzina by Kat Cora at Disney's BoardWalk Inn. Fresh, delicious Mediterranean flavors grace the offerings at this lovely spot; top off your meal with a leisurely stroll down the promenade and enjoy a post-supper cupcake at the BoardWalk Bakery.

    Reservations for Disney Dining can be made online or by calling (407) WDW-DINE.

    And then there's the Kitchen Sink, a sundae that you just might not want to share. Available at Beaches & Cream, this amazing concoction will let you two sisters bond over hot fudge and ice cream!

    Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the time you'll have to reconnect with your sister -- and with yourself.

    See you later, celebrator,
    -Deborah B.

  • Hi Ingrid!

    Having "grown up" going to Walt Disney World together, can you believe that my sister and I have never had an opportunity to explore Walt Disney World alone together? 

    If we do ever get to take this trip, I know for sure that we would make a list of all of our favorite attractions based upon the memories of our past trips to Disney as children & teens.  We would definitely have to plan our Park visits with a tour of all of our favorite "haunts", searching out our favorite characters and tasty treats along the way as well!

    Then, I'd have to introduce my sister to do some of things that I've gotten to do that she hasn't yet, since I travel to Disney quite a bit more often these days, as a Disney Vacation Club member, which makes it more convenient and affordable.

    One of these would be DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park in Downtown Disney West Side, where I'd defeat her in rounds of Pac-Man (yes, we've got a harmless sibling rivalry going on!), take a Virtual Jungle Cruise,  and design our own virtual roller coaster rides on Cyber Space Mountain!  Boy, this takes you back to childhood!  And don't miss Animation Academy, where you get to go through the process of learning to draw a Disney Character step by step!

    Afterwards, we'd end it with a stop at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant as a nod of respect to our Irish ancestors.  And, knowing my crazy sis, you'll be finding her dancing a jig to the foot-stomping Irish music before we make our way out of there!

    Wishing you and your sis lots of amazing new memories to share together!

  • Is your head happily spinning now with all the wonderful suggestions? 

    I'd like to also add a special dining experience at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village:  Dining with an Animal Specialist at Sanaa as something special you and you sister can experience.  You'll have the chance to experience a deliciously prepared 4- course African inspired meal while learning about the animals that you'll be able to view right on the other side of the windows.  You need to know that as I'm writing this I doing an awful lot of pausing as I'm daydreaming about the food at Sanaa. So very delectable!

    Sanaa is ground-level with the savannah, so the views are incredibly rich. I'll never forget the day we were dining when a sudden cloudburst surprised the animals, and we watched them go sprinting by.  Trust me, getting to see the giraffes running right in front of us was a memory my family will have forever. And since you'll be dining with an animal specialist, you'll be able to ask all kinds of questions or just listen to what s/he has to share.  

    This is a perfect break from a day at the Animal Kingdom!  

  • Is there any chance you and your sister are photography enthusiasts?  If so, late April is the perfect time for your "sisters escape!"  Did you know that the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival will still be in full swing during your visit?  While I've had no special training in photography, even I can capture the most amazing shots of Epcot's glorious floral displays.  The topiaries alone could provide the inspiration for some extraordinary photographs.  Since you'll be traveling without children, you'll have plenty of time to slow down and compose the perfect shot.  Or, if gardening is more your cup of tea, attend some of the helpful presentations by HGTV celebrities and gardening experts.

    If I had the incredible opportunity to spend a day with only my sister, we'd head for the monorail loop near the Magic Kingdom.  It's a low-cost, but wildly fun way to spend some time together.  My sister, Jayme, and I love to visit the resorts along the monorail loop.  We'd start with breakfast at Chef Mickey's at Disney's Contemporary Resort.  Then we'd take the monorail to Disney's Polynesian Resort, where we'd shop in the Boutiki and indulge in a Dole whip at Capt. Cook's.  Next stop would be Disney's Grand Floridian Resort.  We'd have lunch at the Grand Floridian Cafe, stroll the grounds of this magnificent resort, and shop at the lovely stores along the lobby.  This would make for a wonderful day with my sister.

    I hope you and your sister make the most amazing memories together in late April!

  • ¡Hola Ingrid!


    My Moms Panel friends have offered you some truly spectacular ideas on how to enjoy some grown up fun without the kids at the Walt Disney World Resort! Being a Cuban-American who loves dancing, I'd like to add that you and your sister can party Latin style at Bongo's Cuban Café. There is a dance floor area on the first level of the restaurant where you can enjoy dancing to Latin rhythms. Banda Caliente, a live band, plays Latin music on Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 9:00 p.m. Another place which remains open long past Cinderella's bedtime is the Atlantic Dance Hall. This nightclub showcases cool bands and DJs that play the hottest songs from the 80s, 90s, and today.


    If dancing is not your style, but singing is more in tune with your preferences, then I recommend Kimonos. This restaurant transforms into a boisterous karaoke lounge each night. The karaoke sing-a-long features popular tunes spanning several decades. This place is a hit with the late crowd as it opens nightly from 5:30 p.m. until at least midnight. Depending on the volume of guests, and other factors, the karaoke bar area may remain open until 2:00 a.m. with the last call at 1:30 a.m. I suggest ordering several favorite items from the delectable Sushi Menu. Make reservations by calling (407) WDW-DINE. For same-day reservation availability you may contact the restaurant directly at (407) 934-1612.


    Enjoy a fabulous girls-only trip to Disney!

  • Hi Ingrid!

    I would love to visit Walt Disney World with my sister again - last time we were there together was 21 years' ago.

    There is so much to see at Downtown Disney for a really lovely relaxing morning, or whole day, if you wish.

    If you love shopping, there are some wonderful stores to explore - I never miss a visit to D Street, Something Silver, Disney's Design-a-Tee, Mickey's Pantry, PoP Gallery and TrendD.

    My favourite place to stop and watch the world go by is Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop - and at the same time enjoy delicious coffee or indulge in an ice cream sundae.

    Why not take a flight on Characters in Flight - a tethered balloon which will give you fantastic views over Walt Disney World.

    After dinner at one of the many fabulous restaurants at Downtown Disney - there is somewhere to suit everyone's taste - you could buy tickets for the most amazing show Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba - I thoroughly recommend this very entertaining show.

    Enjoy your visit !

  • I totally understand your feelings about heading to Walt Disney World without your children. I remember the first time my husband and I made that trek and it just felt different. We kept looking at all the kids wondering when ours were going to "pop" up! But never fear, an adults only trip can be just as exciting and magical and the panelists have all offered some incredible tips for you and your sister. One of my favorite adult only experiences has been a dining one. Consider booking the incredible wine dinner at the Flying Fish restaurant located on the Boardwalk near Epcot. This is a multi course dinner which is served to you in a special seating area overlooking the cooking kitchen. You can watch the chefs prepare not only your meal but all the offerings of the other guests inside. The dinner is paired with great wines and they change according to the menu of the evening. Each course is explained by the chefs and they offer a chance to talk with them and answer your questions. It is prepaid and all you have to do is simply show up and enjoy the cuisine of the evening! Citricos has also started a wine and dine experience if that location is better for you. Call the Disney dining number to check on availability and the days it is offered. I believe you will find that your visit will fly by and you will still have a long list of things you weren't able to do with your sister. another trip with her before you leave and have that to look forward to beyond the family trips to this magical vacation destination!

  • Hi, Ingrid!  What an amazing opportunity you have in traveling to spend some quality time with your sister!  My sister and I have completely opposite vacation interests, so I doubt this is something I'd ever have the chance to do.  I'm going to have to live vicariously through you!

    I say you should go and be a kid again!  It's so nice to do the fancier restaurants and experiences that you probably wouldn't do with your children, but what a great opportunity to get totally GOOFY!  Challenge your sister on Toy Story Midway Mania to see who can get the higher score, and then do the same on Buzz Lightyear.  

    Book a character meal with some of your favorite characters, and make sure you pose together for pictures!  The cast members are always willing to step in and play photographer, and those are probably photos that you'll cherish for years to come (or have to blackmail each other with for years to come!).  

    Design your own mouse ears to commemorate your girls only trip, and make sure you get your photo taken by every PhotoPass photographer you meet while wearing those ears.  Disney Mom Kay can vouch for the fun there is in silly headgear at Walt Disney World!

    To cap off this spectacular trip, enjoy the view from one of the most spectacular locations - the Characters in Flight hot air balloon at Downtown Disney.  It's a great way to end your vacation.

    I hope this trip is as magical and wonderful as you are hoping!

  • Hi Ingrid!

    I can understand how tough it must be to even think of the World of Disney without your young one's. I have done this and there was some serious guilt. But my wife likes to say, "A happy Mom is a happy home." So, on that note, there's nothing wrong with taking a little time to think of yourself and have fun. :-)

    My colleagues have some terrific ideas. I can say watersports is also a very cool thing to do, if you and your sister are the adventurous type. You can take a pontoon boat or Sea Raycer out on the Seven Seas Lagoon, which is a really cool experience. They have different time blocks you can rent, and the watercrafts have speed, but not too fast to be too much to handle. There are also various specialty cruises you can enjoy from a yacht, just to relax or even take in the fireworks shooting from the Magic Kingdom. The Grand Floridian resort is a great place to go to take advantage of these, but other resorts offer this as well. And you can secure these experiences even if you're not actually staying at the resort.

    May you and sister "Have the Time of Your Life" this year! 

  • Hi Ingrid!

    Walt Disney World sure is a completely different experience without your kids.  Recently, a few of my girlfriends and I left the kiddos with the hubby's and spent a weekend at Disney and had an AWESOME time.  What did we do?  We spent the entire weekend eating delicious food and shopped till we dropped!  

    Spend some adult time at Downtown Disney and browse around in the shops.  Pick up something you've been wanting to buy for yourself, but couldn't because you are always focused on getting the kids treats.  Get yourselves matching Mickey ears and wear them during your stay!

    Rent yourself some private space by calling (407) WDW-PLAY and head on over to a water park!  Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are wonderful parks to visit without the kiddos.  Stay relaxed in the lazy river or challenge yourselves in the Surf Pool with the gigantic waves.  You can even sign up for surf lessons at Typhoon Lagoon!

    I know I usually spend my Disney time being "Mom", so why not use this time to be a kid yourself?  Make a game of it and see how many characters you can visit at one park or book a character dining experience and dine with some of your favorites!  Princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table?  Winnie the Pooh at Crystal Palace?  Or perhaps the classics at Chef Mickey's.

    I'm sure whatever you choose to do will be a magical experience for both of you.



  • My fellow Walt Disney World Moms Panelists have provided some excellent suggestions! I definitely think you should take advantage of the fine dining and spa treatments. I had the best massage of my life at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

    A few other luxuries to consider indulging in during a girls weekend include:

    • Stay at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. This resort is wonderful for adults and kids alike, but adults appreciate the theming much more than kids. You will feel like you are living in luxury.
    • Sleep in one morning and order in room service. Eat breakfast in bed without having three little ones beg you for a bite of your eggs, only to spit them out on your plate and ask for fruit loops (sound like I experienced this maybe?) 
    • Dine at Citricos and enjoy the amazing squash risotto, then visit the Citricos Lounge for cocktails 
    • Rent a cabana on the water at Grand Floridian and enjoy watching your favorite shows on the 32-inch flatscreen TV, drinking soda from your own private fridge, and indulge in a poolside massage. Call 407-WDW-PLAY to book.
    • Shop all day in Downtown Disney, then take in dinner and a movie in the AMC dine-in theatre. You can choose from their delicious menu and eat your dinner in the actual movie theatre! Without being asked to take a little one to the bathroom just as you take a bite!
    • While you are in Downtown Disney, visit the House of Blues for awesome food and great music.
    I hope you have a magical time in Walt Disney World with your sister. Take lots of pictures and enjoy an indulgent weekend!


  • Congrats on your first-ever adults only trip to Walt Disney World.  I just visited without my child for the first time this past December and once the guilt settled, I must admit that I had the time of my life.

    One of my favorite Disney pastimes is Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  You and your sister will have a blast noshing on dainty tea sandwiches, tantalizing fruit tarts, scrumptious scones, and petite pastries in the shabby yet intimate setting that is the Garden View Tea Room.  Attendants in victorian garb will assist in the selection of the perfect English Tea which will be served in a truly authentic fashion:  Fine Royal Daulton China complete with velveteen tea cozy.

    The intimate yet elegant tea room sits amidst the splendor of the Grand Floridian Lobby with unparalleled views of the Seven Sea Lagoon through the massive picture windows.  There are several courses from which to choose and if you're feeling up to it, you can even toast to this special experience with a glass of bubbly.  (To view the complete menu, search the unofficial site

    I have had this lovely experience with my girlfriends on several occasions, and it has quickly become my "go to" spot for pampering and relaxation while at Disney World!  Nothing screams "Girly Girl" like afternoon tea at the Garden View Tea Room!

    This experience is popular and seating is very limited, so be sure to make an advanced reservation ONLINE or by calling (407)WDW-DINE as soon as possible.

  •       Ooooh!  Now that sounds like a vacation!  My sister and I took our first "girls only" trip about 12 years ago and were instantly hooked!  It was short and sweet, but totally priceless!  Fast forward to present time.... we each have three boys and appreciate our time together even more.  Yes, travelling without your children is different and it does take a while to adjust to idea; HOWEVER, it is essential for moms to recharge their batteries every once in a while!

         Since you are a self admitted Disney addict, I know that you are probably relishing this planning stage!  I swear, my sister and I could look at every website, read every review and check out every pic in anticipation of our magical vacation.  Have you checked out all those great Travel Channel documentaries on the parks?  Did you know that you can order them from Amazon?  Just visit and check them out!

          Picture it... each of you sleeping in your own bed... no dowsing your children in sunscreen each morning, no lugging around bags of diapers and autograph books, no toddler tantrums in the middle of Fantasyland.  If that isn't perfect enough, I do have a couple of suggestions, in addition to those offered already by my great friends.  Plan on spending lots of time at Epcot - the crowds just seem to melt away when you are sans children strolling through World Showcase with an "adult beverage" or iced coffee in hand. Swing by France and visit the Guerlain counter and ask about their exclusive perfume that is only sold in two places.... France and Walt Disney World!!

         More than anything, enjoy your time together.  Retell old stories, take silly pics and have the trip of a lifetime!

    Much pixie dust,

    Jackie S.

  • Hello Ingrid!!!

    What an incredible opportunity to experience the MAGIC of Walt Disney World with your sister!  I know you can already hear the laughter and imagine the incredible experiences you are about to enjoy together!

    How about starting off your Walt Disney World vacation by visiting Chapeau Hat Shoppe and purchase matching Mickey Ears?!  (Now, you might not want to mess up your hair, but you are at Walt Disney World!  Mickey Ears are TOTALLY in fashion!)  Then, head to Town Square Theater to "strike a pose" with Mickey Mouse and the Disney Princesses!  In fact, make a game out of taking pictures with as many Disney Characters as you can!  This can be SO much fun, and the memories will forever be captured on film and in your heart.

    From there, head to Aloha Isle and order some delicious Dole Whip!  Take your delectable treat and make your way to Cinderella Castle to enjoy Dream-Along with Mickey.

    To conclude your MOST memorable day, make sure you both enjoy The Magic, The Memories and You! and top the night off with Wishes Nighttime Spectacular!

    We can't wait to hear all about it!  Have the most MAGICAL time!


  • Wow, my fellow panel members are simply amazing. They never cease to amaze me with their insightful responses. I have already gotten some great ideas just from reading their answers. As for you both traveling to the Happiest Place on Earth sans the kiddies, that sounds like a great time. If I had the luxury of an adult only vacation I would spend some quality time at the World Showcase at Epcot. From exploring the little hidden touches like the shrub maze in the England Pavilion or watching the amazing train set in the Germany and Italy Pavilion, there are so many spots to just sit and take in the views at your own pace. Here are just two of the many great adventures waiting for both of you. One of my great joys is the luxury of shopping on my own. At World Showcase you can get some wonderful clothing from around the world. I purchased an awesome hooded sweatshirt at the Norway Pavilion that is just so cool. All of the countries have unique items of clothing, gifts and even foods. You can even try on Kimonos at the Japan Pavilion. The other fun experience is tasting the libations from around the world. Adult beverages in each country is a tradition for those who have that adventuresome spirit. I consider the Margaritas at the Mexico Pavilion to be a great addition to start stroll at the World Showcase. I am sure you both will have a magical vacation.

  • The suggestions so far are amazing!  It's hard to compete with them, but I'll sure try!

    I often travel to Walt Disney World without my children and I really love it.  Don't get me wrong, seeing the magic through your children's eyes is quite amazing, but visiting with just adults is pretty magical, too.  I try and visit without my children at least once per year, that's how much I love it.

    When I visit Walt Disney world sans children, I love to experience dining in a whole new way.  We like to eat at restaurants with bar service.  This way, we can sit up at the bar and talk with the Cast Member serving us.  My favorite place to do eat at the bar is the 50's Prime Time Cafe's Tune-in Lounge at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  It's total kitschy fun!  Best of all, you don't need Advanced Dining Reservations to enjoy dinner here!

    On the same token, we also love taking a monorail resort tour.  We stop at each of the three resorts (Disney's Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian Resorts) and walk around, check out the shops, and grab a drink and some appetizers from the lounges.  The Lounge at the California Grill offers amazing views of Magic Kingdom Park.  It can get quite crowded as the evening progresses, so get there early in order to enjoy it!  It's not to be missed.

    I hope you have a magical vacation with your sister! 

  • No spelling words, bedtime routines, preparing dinner, mini van driving, searching for lost homework and misplaced library books, or packing lunches. You and your sister can stay up late, sleep in and enjoy Walt Disney World at your own pace. Without even clicking through a turnstile you can have an awesome vacation. 

    A grown up activity to try is the World Showcase Wine Walk at Epcot. Sample a total of six wines in Germany, Italy, and France Pavilions. Passports for this experience are available in the participating countries.

    Try Around the World at Epcot where you are guided around the World Showcase on a Segway.

    Ride Space Mountain, the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and every thrilling attraction in the theme parks. Or don't ride a single one. You can decide to do what ever you wish!

    Enjoy all those wonderful meals without a chicken finger in sight! 

  • Hi Ingrid!  
          I completely understand your concern about visiting Walt Disney World without your children. With that being said, I can honestly say that as a mom of four and from personal experience that it is possible to really enjoy yourself and experience all the magic of Disney without the children being with you! 
      Being able to sleep in, enjoy a delicious breakfast, followed by relaxing by the Resort quiet pool with a favorite book or magazine, and then a fabulous dinner at one of Disney's amazing Signature Restaurants is my ideal kind of day!  May I suggest Kona Café at Disney's Polynesian Resort for breakfast! You will not want to miss trying Kona Café's famous Tonga Toast, banana stuffed sourdough bread, rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with Strawberry Compote and their amazing pressed pot Kona Coffee! Consider Jiko - The Cooking Place at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge for a delectable dinner! This Signature Dining Location offers a diverse menu and features culinary classics with an African flare. After dinner, guests can stroll outside the main lobby to Arusha Rock to get up-close glimpses of the animals and a panoramic view of the sprawling grounds.
      Another one of my favorite things to do without the kids, is to take a self-guided tour of the Disney Resorts! Although I have done this very thing at Christmas with the children, they got a little bored with it after the third or fourth Resort. If you have never had the opportunity to visit the different Resorts on property, it is definitely worth a trip to see all the great theming and attention to detail that is unique to each Disney Resort!
      I hope you and your sister have a Magical time when you visit the "Happiest Place on Earth!"  :-) Jodie   

  • Hi Ingrid! I totally understand where you're coming from! Before I met my fellow moms and dads, I could never imagine a trip to Walt Disney World without my daughter. Now she, on the other hand, still has major issues with me going without her. Here are a few things I enjoy:

    - No lineups. If there's a line up for a ride, we skip it. Easy. We'll do it next time with the kids.
    - A day at the spa. Any of them. So many to choose from, so relaxing and such a must do!
    - Downtown Disney. Eat. Shop. Explore. Tons of fun!
    - Disney's Boardwalk. A super fun night. Be sure to go to see the duelling pianos at Jelly Rolls.
    - RELAX! Spend a day at the pool. Enjoy your time!
    - A lovely grown up dinner. So many great places to choose from. California Grill, the Yachtsman Steakhouse are a few of my faves.

    Enjoy your vacation Ingrid!
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