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  • Taking my daughter to WDW for the 1st time in Feb '14, as a present for her 6th birthday, and I'm getting her an official autograph book to unwrap on the day. Any other suggestions for must-haves for the trip that could be used as birthday presents? Thx!
  • - Asked by Angie on 7/24/2013
  • Hi Angie!

    What a wonderful present! There is no better place to celebrate than the Walt Disney World Resorts! Love the autograph book idea and I think that a lovely set of Mickey Ears Hat would be the perfect compliment! You can even have it personalized with her name! I still have my little ones' first Mickey Ears Hats in their memory boxes, so these make a great keepsake gift! Another great gift idea would be a personalized Disney Gift Card! These are special because you will be able to upload a picture of her with a beautiful Disney border! (Another great keepsake for the scrapbook!)   I am sure once she visits the Disney Parks and sees all of the amazing merchandise, a gift card would come in handy! There are so many wonderful options to commemorate her special day and I invite you to visit the "Celebrate Your Special Occasion" Page for more ideas!

    I am sure that you will have more questions, feel free to send them my way!

    Thank you for visiting the Disney Parks Moms Panel!

    Happy Planning!


  • What an exciting way to celebrate your little princess's 6th birthday!

    One Christmas morning a few years ago, we surprised our little ones with Disney character backpacks (Winnie the Pooh for her, Mickey Mouse for him) and filled them each with items we knew they'd like for the flight as well as for use in our room during our stay. New crayons, Disney Coloring Pages, sticker books and healthy, portable, single-serving snacks were the first items to go in, followed by sealable, refillable drink bottles. We tucked in travel-sized games, such as Uno and a Disney deck of cards as well as a disposable camera for each child. Add a new outfit for travel, a cozy, lightweight (rolled tightly) fleece character blanket and a new favorite Disney stuffed animal and you've got a birthday present she'll remember. (We had our kids try to guess why we were giving them all of these particular items, guiding them toward why they might need such things, too. When they figured out that we were going to Walt Disney World the next morning, I think Guests could hear the squeals a few magical miles away...)

    In addition to Yael's excellent advice on Gift Cards, consider adding a keepsake such as a Disney Parks bracelet or necklace. You can find some lovely Disney Parks Product Jewelry at, too, so it would be easy to surprise your little one with something special to wear for her celebration...and something that she can wear every day upon her return. (There are some lovely tiaras you could order, too, because, you know, every little princess needs a tiara...;-) )

    Have fun planning that very special day! Wishing your princess a very pixie-dusted party in WDW!

  • Hi Angie!

    I agree with my fellow moms that a visit to Walt Disney World is truly the most magical birthday surprise any child could receive!  My daughter recently celebrated her 5th birthday and her favourite gift was a beautiful Disney Princess dress along with an "invitation" to attend the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on our upcoming Walt Disney World Resort Vacation.  The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique offers several makeover packages that would appeal to almost every princess!  Please call (407) 939-7895 to arrange an appointment with the Fairy Godmothers in Training!  The Disney Store has beautiful Princess dresses and since you won't be arriving for some time, keep an eye out, you may even be able to purchase a dress on sale!  

    For an over the top birthday celebration dinner, head on over to Cinderella's Royal Table after her makeover, and enjoy a dinner fit for Royalty!  Reservations for Cinderella's Royal Table can be made online or by calling (407) 939-3463 up to 180 days in advance.

    I hope your daughter has an unforgettable birthday celebration Angie.  Wish her a Happy Birthday from me as well!


  • Hi there Angie!

    I'm so glad that you decided to visit the Disney Parks Moms Panel with your question! 

    What a fantastic 6th Birthday your little princess is going to celebrate. I definitely can't think of a more magical surprise than a trip to Walt Disney World! An autograph book is definitely a great gift to get her started with.

    As an additional birthday present prior to your trip, why not consider a Lanyard and Pins for Pin Trading! When my own kids were younger, one of their favourite activities to engage in during our Walt Disney World vacation was Pin Trading. Not only is it a fun hobby that you can carry on with through years and years and many visits, but it's also such a fantastic communication tool for youngsters! I've included a link to the Disney Store online where you'll see varying types of lanyards, pins, starter sets, themed pins and even Birthday pins! A Pin Trading Starter Set is the best way to begin as your daughter will then have a few duplicate pins ready to be traded away to start her own collection of favourites.

    For more information on Pin Trading at Walt Disney World, take a read of this page on the Disney website. There's even a document about 'Pin Trading Etiquette!' It's lots of fun for the whole family!

    Wishing your daughter the most Magical Birthday ever Angie!


  • Hi Angie,

    Wow, what a wonderful way to celebrate your daughter's birthday! Plus, I love the idea of the autograph book as a gift. She's going to have a blast trying to fill it up.

    I've got a very simple idea for a must-have birthday present. It's a gift that she will enjoy now, but will really cherish as the years go on.

    When your daughter enters the Magic Kingdom for the very first time, get your camera ready as you walk past the train station and into Town Square. From there, see if you can walk ahead far enough that you can snap a picture of her face as she turns the corner and catches her very first glimpse of Cinderella's Castle.

    What you'll be taking a picture of is a major milestone in her life as it unfolds. This vacation will be one that she remembers, and talks about, for the rest of her life.

    While you're cruising through the gift shops around Walt Disney World, ask your daughter to pick out a special frame that she likes so you can develop that "reveal" picture and hang it on her bedroom wall. While she may cycle through countless posters of people like Justin What's-His-Name or Lady Something-Or-Other, that picture will always have a place on her wall and in her heart.

    Here's a little tip from your buddy Derek:

    Don't forget to ask the cast members at the front desk of your hotel to give you a birthday pin that your daughter can wear around the theme parks. It'll be so much fun for her to have other guests and cast members wish her a Happy Birthday throughout her special day.

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and birthday celebration!

    Best regards,

  • Hi Angie,

    What a magical way to celebrate your daughter's 6th birthday, with her first trip to Walt Disney World!

    We celebrated my daughter's 7th birthday at Walt Disney World, and one of the surprises that she loved most was an in-room personalized gift, which appeared as if by magic!  Her gift had a Minnie Mouse plush holding a big bouquet of balloons.  She thought it was amazing that such a lovely gift had appeared for her when we returned to our resort room one night!  

    In order to arrange for such a surprise, contact Disney Floral and Gifts online or by calling (407) WDW-GIFT (407-939-4438).  You can browse through different gift options that are already created, or you can work with a cast member to create your own, personalized for your daughter with her favorite characters and colors.  Gifts can include plush characters, balloons, treats such as candy, flowers, toys, and many other items!  

    If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort, your surprise gift can be delivered to your resort room.  If you are not staying at a Walt Disney World resort, do not worry, they can also be delivered to a Walt Disney World theme park.

    I wish you a wonderful trip and celebration, Angie!

  • Hi there, Angie!  

    Let me start by saying that you've chosen the perfect place to celebrate your little girl's big day and it sounds like you want to prepare for her birthday trip of a lifetime well in advance. I completely understand, as my daughter just turned the big number 6 as well!  In addition to the ideas already provided by my fellow panelists, here are some suggestions to get the magic started before you even leave home. Imagine her opening the gifts one after the other as the clues reveal the big SURPRISE...."You're going to Walt Disney World."

    A rhinestone tiara: I usually purchase one from Ebay prior to the trip and have it wrapped with rich and regal paper and ribbon.  A royal decree welcoming your princess to her royal kingdom (WDW) can even accompany the crown and I always create one on my home computer and print it. 

    A Disney Guide Book: Birnbaum's makes the best Disney World guidebooks and the even print a special edition just for kids!  This will help the guest of honor get a feel for the parks prior to arriving so she'll know exactly what she'll want to see and do.

    Disney Apps:  I like to give my daughter an iTunes gift card just before the trip so she can download a few fun Disney related apps on her iPad to enjoy on the plane trip to Disney World!  This makes her super happy and keeps her occupied during the flight which makes us all happy!

    Disney Planning DVD:  You can order a FREE Disney Parks planning DVD to include with her gifts!  This DVD will include a complete tour of all 4 parks, and over 20 hotels at Walt Disney World.  It will also include a pocket sized planning guide and lots of travel tips!

    Hope this helps, and please let us know if we can be of further assistance, Angie!

    -Amanda F.

  • Hi Angie!

    I am so excited to hear that you're planning now for your little Princess' birthday because it will be here before you know it!

    From reading all their answers, I am hoping the Moms Panelists plan my next birthday celebration for me because they have excellent suggestions!  One of my favorite times at Disney is when the sun goes down. I love all of the beautiful lights. To get into the spirit, we always buy the glow in the dark jewelry that we can put together. It also helps us pass the time while we're waiting for parades and fireworks. Every little princess likes to shine even at night.

    You could also buy her some T-shirts and dresses for the trip from They now carry some Theme Park Authentic Merchandise so it would be super cool for her to have her cute Disney T-shirts all ready to go.

    I've always taught my boys about giving and sharing and I think they finally started to understand that concept when they were about 6 years old. Perhaps you could purchase two autograph books and have your daughter give one to a Princess or Prince she sees about her age during her trip with a "Happy Birthday" button on. Not only will she be having a magical trip, but she'll spread that magic to another child as well.

    Please feel free to visit us with all of your planning questions. We're hEAR to help!

    Wishing your daughter minnie magical birthday memories :-) Allison V.

  • Hi Angie!

    What fun!  Walt Disney World is the best place to celebrate a birthday!  I hope you have a magical time!

    My fellow Moms and Dads have given some wonderful suggestions, but I'm going to add just a couple as well!

    1.  Hidden Mickey Book or App:  Steven Barrett (aka) "Hidden Mickey Guy" has some great books and apps available.  What's a Hidden Mickey?  According to our friend,"Hidden Mickey Guy," they are partial or complete impression of Mickey Mouse placed by the Imagineers and artists to blend into the designs of Disney attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other areas.  They can be found just about everywhere, and my kids just love hunting for them!  We love to spend our downtime looking for them.  Great fun for the entire family!

    2.  On our last vacation, we celebrated my daughter's third Birthday with a tea at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  She had a fabulous time, and felt like royalty!  Certainly a magical experience, as we're all still talking about it!  I also called the Walt Disney World Cake Hotline at (407) 827-2253 and ordered a custom cake to be delivered at our tea.  It was fabulous and delicious, and was a great surprise for our entire party and especially the birthday girl! 

    Have a magical vacation!

  • Hi there Angie!  How exciting you are taking your daughter to Walt Disney World for the first time as a present for her sixth birthday! I honestly believe the "Most Magical Place on Earth" is the perfect vacation destination for a birthday celebration! I have always loved surprising my children with trips to Walt Disney World and also memorable gifts to remember the vacation by!  My children still talk about their favorite surprises to this day. For one vacation, we actually purchased Disney personalized pillowcases and Disney pajamas before leaving home. We presented them with their magical surprises on the first night of the trip so that they were able to use them during the entire vacation. Needless to say, they were a big hit! Although they have now outgrown their pajamas, the children still use their pillowcases and consider them special keepsakes. You can find really cute Disney personalized pillowcases on Etsy; whereas, has a great selection of Disney PJ Pals and Princess nightgowns. I hope these suggestions are helpful! Sending pixie-dusted wishes for a magical birthday trip! 
    Happy Celebrating,

  • Celebrating your little princess's 6th birthday at Walt Disney World is sure to be extra magical!

    My fellow Moms and Dads have given you some great suggestions and advice! I would like to suggest a special must-have keepsake that's a wonderful way to commemorate your daughter's birthday and capture all your magical family vacation memories: Disney's PhotoCD! I love Disney's PhotoPass Service and use it on each trip we take. If you plan to meet some favorite Disney Characters during your visit, these special moments will be conveniently loaded onto your PhotoCD which you can present to your daughter after your trip. This way she will have an extra birthday surprise after you've returned home!

    There are many Character meet-and-greet opportunities in the parks and also special Character Dining experiences that can be reserved up to 180 days in advance. If your daughter is a fan of Princess Sofia, she will be able to meet her royal friend at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Animation Courtyard -- what a great photo opportunity! For a memorable birthday celebration in honor of your little princess, I highly recommend Cinderella's Royal Table and Princess Storybook Dining at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Both of these popular Character Dining experiences include a print Photo Package Keepsake which can also be added to your PhotoCD.  

    Another great feature of Disney's PhotoPass Service is the ability to have unique Magic Shots taken in the parks. You'll find PhotoPass photographers stationed at various locations, ready to capture all your amazing vacation memories!  

    Wishing your daughter a pixie-dusted birthday celebration and a magical first visit to Walt Disney World!

  • What a fun birthday your daughter is going to have!

    While celebrating a birthday at Walt Disney World my kids love dinning with Disney Characters.
    Though it is not part of the meal, most waiters will share the celebration with a personal cake and a happy birthday song.
    If lucky you will also get a happy birthday postcard with the autographs of all the Disney Characters that take part of that meal - this is my kid's favorite part!
    Though this is for free, a good tip is always suggested.

    I also recommend using the birthday celebration pin, so that all Disney Cast Members know about your celebration.

    Thank you for visiting us and we hope you have a magical celebration while on your Walt Disney World vacation.


  • Angie, what better place to celebrate your princess's sixth birthday than the most magical place on earth?

    To make a visit to Epcot's World Showcase more engaging for your daughter, consider an Epcot passport for an additional fun present. Similar to a Disney autograph book, an Epcot passport can travel with your child to each country's pavilion. Hit the Kidcot Fun Stop when you visit a country, and your birthday girl can decorate a Duffy the Bear cutout, talk with Cast Members from around the world, and collect stamps for her passport pages. Often Cast Members will teach a greeting in their native language or write a few foreign words in the passport. These interactions will introduce your child to different places and people from Norway, Morocco, China, and more in an involved way that electronic media cannot.

    Enjoy your visit to Mickey!


  • Howdy Angie!!!  Oh my goodness!  What a wonderful surprise for your daughter!!!

    My fabulous fellow panelists have given some wonderful suggestions!  I have one more idea for you that will not only allow you to capture treasured memories but might also help add some educational opportunities to your trip.

    On one of our last Walt Disney World vacations, we purchased journals for everyone in our family.  Our kiddos are only 6 and 4 right now but they have enjoyed the journals.  Our son (4) draws pictures to illustrate the characters or attractions he experiences and our daughter (6) draws pictures and does what she can to write as much as her little 6 year old self can write.  We bought ours while we were at Magic Kingdom but there are some great options at the Disney Store.  You can pick one up before your vacation begins and your Princess can capture every magical moment from the time you tell her to the last day of your vacation. 

    We have enjoyed reading the entries we have written and have also cherished every picture and word documented by our little ones.  The journals also came in handy when we ran out of room in our autograph books (we visit A LOT of characters each trip).  We used a page from our journal and our Princess wrote (as best she could) about her visit with Ariel and how excited that Prince Eric was also with her during this particular character meet and greet.

    We have continued to add to the journals each trip and I know we will treasure them for years to come.  Truly magical memories documented 1st hand by my kiddos.  It's pretty low tech in this high tech world but has brought us hours of joy! 

    Thank you so much for your question.  Have a magical day and a magical vacation!!  Best wishes for the best 6th birthday ever!!!

  • Hi Angie,

    My other panelist friends have such good ideas! I’m happy to share something I did for my girls when they were your daughter’s age to prepare for our Disney trips.

    At about age 6, I got each of them a “big-girl” bag. For my older daughter, it was a soft cross-body purse. My younger daughter was a huge princess fan, so she got a sparkly pink princess fanny pack. I wanted them to have something that they didn’t need to take off when they got on a ride or sat down to rest so that the chances of the bags being lost were minimized.

    I stocked their bags with some small Disney-themed essentials: lip balm, sunglasses, disposable camera, a little battery-powered fan from a discount store, comb and wallet (which could hold a Disney gift card). It was a practical gift, but one that they used on every vacation for a long time, whether we were at Walt Disney World, in Washington, D.C. or on some other adventure.

    I hope that gives you another idea to consider. No matter what gifts you choose, spending time at Disney with your family will make the celebration one your daughter will never forget.

    Enjoy making those memories!


  • Hi there, Angie!

    I can't think of a better place for you to take your daughter to celebrate her 6th birthday! I think Walt Disney World is the best place for a celebration of this magnitude!

    I love that that you're presenting her with an official autograph book to get things started. My fellow Moms Panelists have given you some pretty fabulous suggestions and I have one to add to the mix. Several years ago, we celebrated my daughter's birthday at Walt Disney World and we did something that was really special. There is a very unique experience in the Japan Pavilion at Epcot called Pick-A-Pearl where you actually choose your own oyster out of the live tank. A Cast Member will help to open the shell and you will find a pearl inside! It's really a very special experience that I've never seen offered anywhere other than at Walt Disney World. The morning that we planned this activity, I gave my daughter a Cinderella Carriage pendant that is made to hold a pearl inside. I actually ordered it on eBay for a fairly inexpensive price. Simply do a search for "pearl carriage" and you'll see lots of different options to choose from. I told my daughter what it was for and what we were going to do and she was so excited! It was a really fun experience for our whole family! There is also a location at Downtown Disney where you can do this as well. We put her pearl inside of the carriage and she now wears it as a necklace! She has cherished it for years!

    I hope your daughter has a Pixie Dusted birthday celebration at Walt Disney World!


  • What a special way to celebrate your daughter's birthday!! We have celebrated both of our daughters' birthdays at the Walt Disney World Resorts. 

    How about having her take some photos of the trip? My daughters love taking their own photos on our vacations. We have either lent them our camera or bought them an inexpensive camera to use on our trips. You could then pair it with a special photo book she picks in the park or you purchase ahead of time. 

    I truly love seeing the trip through their eyes and I might actually be in a picture or two!

    Wishing you a magical birthday celebration!
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